The Poison Pie Publishing House presents:

The Oracle of Hebeloma
an exercise in integrated apophenia and introspection

This oracle is an electronic implementation of A Practicum on Divination via Cleromancy by Hebeloma Crustuliniforme (2019). It projects the future into a fourteen-dimensional space, in which each axis is associated with a spectrum of a quality ranging from vice to virtue. The default is to select a reading based on a random process that weighs all fourteen axes equally. Alternatively, the relative weighting of the axes can be modified below. The readings are expressed in terms of interactions between a pair of individuals, who were among those seven youths and seven maidens sacrificed to the minotaur, which dwelt in an abandoned, Cretan mine.

Adjust the relative influence of each individual.

name (sex) axis significance in reading
Periboea (f) Courage ↔ Cowardice 01
Hippophorbas (m) Humility ↔ Arrogance 01
Melanippe (f) Dignity ↔ Contempt 01
Idas (m) Curiosity ↔ Indifference 01
Hesione (f) Devotion ↔ Betrayal 01
Antimachus (m) Imagination ↔ Boredom 01
Melite (f) Mercy ↔ Cruelty 01
Menestheus (m) Compassion ↔ Apathy 01
Andromache (f) Patience ↔ Impatience 01
Amphidocus (m) Open-Mindedness ↔ Intolerance 01
Eurymedusa (f) Integrity ↔ Dishonesty 01
Demoleon (m) Virtue ↔ Turpitude 01
Europe (f) Determination ↔ Indolence 01
Porphyrion (m) Joy ↔ Sorrow 01

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