The Seven Wondrously Replicating Elemental Coins

The Seven Wondrously Replicating Elemental Coins
A Fantasy Role-Playing Module
created by David J. Keffer
from the Poison Pie Publishing House

Description: The Poison Pie Publishing House proudly announces the publication of its first fantasy role-playing module, The Seven Wondrously Replicating Elemental Coins created by David J. Keffer. The module was motivated by the acquisition of a set of gorgeous fantasy role-playing coins minted by Osborne Coinage and funded in December, 2013 through Kickstarter. The module provides an adventure in the form of seven dungeon delves through which the party can acquire the coins. The seven coins represent the elements of time, magic, air, earth, water, fire and smoke. The delve associated with each coin contains aspects of the element and the images that are minted on the coin.

The module is nominally targeted for 4-6 players of levels 9-11, but is written in such a way that adjusting the difficulty to account for a different number of players or levels is relatively straightforward. The monster statistics are provided in the format of Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, but again experienced DMs can port the module to another gaming system with relative ease.

If the module and/or the coins pictured therein look interesting to you, a set of coins can be purchased at the Rare Elements Coin Store.

Disclaimer: The Poison Pie Publishing House has no official affiliation with Osborne Coinage. This module is not the product of a commissioned contract.

Update: In Fall, 2014, when an eighth elemental coin, representing the shadow element, was released, a follow-up module, The Shadow Mephit's Coin, in which a party that had successfully completed The Seven Wondrously Replicating Elemental Coins could acquire the shadow coin, was released by the Poison Pie Publishing House.

length: 44 pages in pdf (14,000 words)
ebook publication date: February 10, 2014
ebook ISBN-13: N.A.
no paperback edition available
poison pie publishing house catalog number: PP-020-M

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