A Literature of Non-Idiomatic Improvisation

A Literature of Non-Idiomatic Improvisation
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Description: In this document, a description of the literature of non-idiomatic improvisation is provided. An analogy with the established field of non-idiomatic improvised music is continuously employed to define a literary counterpart. Elements of both the non-idiomatic nature and the improvisational nature of literature are identified. Five works of fiction by established authors are evaluated in terms of these criteria. Finally, one work of fiction by an author who identifies himself as a writer of non-idiomatic improvised literature is discussed.

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For archival purposes, this article was reprinted in An International Journal of Exploratory Meta-Living, Issue 5, May 14, 2015.

Due to popular demand, a half-page summary of "A Literature of Non-Idiomatic Improvisation" was created by the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House and is now available via free, anonymous download here (pdf file).