A Bride for Chubbernut

A Bride for Chubbernut
Sixteen Light-Hearted Delves for Role-Players Young and Old
created by David J. Keffer & the Keffer family
with assistance from Henry E. Gorton
from the Poison Pie Publishing House

Description: A Bride for Chubbernut
A Bride for Chubbernut is a fantasy role-playing module, created by David J. Keffer and the rest of the Keffer family with the assistance of Henry E. Gorton, published by the Poison Pie Publishing House. The module presents sixteen light-hearted delves for role-players young and old.

In this adventure, the party travels as guard to Chubbernut, a bullywug crown prince, who refuses to marry for political alliance, insisting that he will only wed his true love, as he seeks to discover the meaning of love by completing tasks assigned to him by the legendary matchmaker and oracle, Joëlle. This module includes various absurdities including one delve in which the heroic party must sing an opera based on a Mad Lib of John Berryman's poem, Dream Song 14 in order to obtain a magical popsicle created by a pair of yetis who froze the Elixir of Immortality and who happen to be opera aficionados.

The character of Chubbernut, the bullywug prince, was created by Henry E. Gorton. The Keffer family created eight of the delves for the first visit of Henry E. Gorton to East Tennessee in the summer of 2014. The remaining eight delves were completed in the winter of 2015 in anticipation of a second visit at an as of yet undetermined date.

As is the case across the world, the authors' local gaming group employs miniatures to provide a better understanding of the spatial relationships governing combat and other activities of the group. In this particular group, the traditional lead figures are replaced by plastic LEGO mini-figures. It goes without saying that authors of this module have no affiliation with the LEGO Group. The numerous images of the LEGO products that appear within this module were generated by the authors and are used without any explicit permission.

A Bride for Chubbernut is made freely available in electronic format via anonymous download from a link at the bottom of this page. Other fantasy role-playing modules from the Poison Pie Publishing House also freely available in electronic format via anonymous download here.

The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing house would like to acknowledge that the maps, which appear in this module, were created using the excellent digital dungeon tiles available from http://rpgmapshare.com/direct/2012_Dungeon_Tile_Set_001-276.zip.

length: 89 pages in pdf (23,000 words)
ebook publication date: January 14, 2015
ebook ISBN-13: N.A.
no paperback edition available
poison pie publishing house catalog number: PP-025-M

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