Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Dream
Illustrations by Ruth Marie Keffer
text by David J. Keffer

Description: Jacob's Dream is an eclectic collection of illustrations, imaginative descriptions and prayers associated with the various angels observed ascending and descending the ladder in Jacob's vision from Genesis 28:12. One angel is selected from each rung of the ladder. Included are the apocryphal angel, the child angel and the angel of birds. The prayers include A Prayer for Abandoning a Path of Error, A Prayer for Accepting our Roles, A Prayer for Those who Dwell in Penumbra and ten others.

A father and daughter team, David and Ruth Keffer have previously collaborated on illustrated books combining the three crafts of home-made felt finger puppets, local photography and narrative story-telling, including The Faerienomicon, an encyclopedia of Faerie rendered in felt, and The Mushroomnomicon, an ancient tome of the Cult of the Mushroom.

A review of Jacob's Dream from the Midwest Book Review is available here.

Of neither interest nor significance to virtually anyone, Jacob's Dream is the result of a non-idiomatic improvisational creative process.

Sample Images:
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Length: 36 pages containing 14 original artworks
paperback size: 8.25 in x 8.25 in
paperback publication date: April 3, 2015
paperback ISBN-13: 978-1511500777
paperback ISBN: 1511500778
poison pie publishing house catalog number: PP-027-I

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