The Mushroomnomicon

The Mushroomnomicon
An Illustrated Story
by the Keffer Family

Description: The Mushroomnomicon is an ancient tome of the Cult of the Mushroom, containing secrets of the eldritch universe beyond the comprehension of mortal men. Herein, the tale is told of how the Mushroomnomicon was stolen by agents of the ancient Dragon of the White Wasteland and how a brave group of adventurers sought to retrieve the book and return it to a safe place. The story is told with felt fingerpuppets and photographs from wild places in East Tennessee and North Carolina. It is intended for both children and adventurous adults.

The Keffer family--David, Lynn, Ruth & Joseph--have released three books combining the craft of homemade felt fingerpuppets, local photography and narrative story-telling. The design and creation of the puppets, the choice of locales for photographic backgrounds and the elements of the story are collaborative activities involving all members of the family. "The Mushroomnomicon" is inspired by their recent "Dungeon and Dragons" campaigns.

Sample Images:

Length: 78 pages containing 70 original artworks
paperback size: 8.25 in x 8.25 in
paperback publication date: June 27, 2013
paperback ISBN-13: 978-1490423319
paperback ISBN: 1490423311
poison pie publishing house catalog number: PP-017-I

Narrated Version: See the complete story narrated on youtube.

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Alternate Interpretations: The six protagonists have alternate representations.