An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage -- Recent News -- 1997

An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage
Recent News -- 1997

December 17, 1997 Update
Moved the website to its new home at
Added some new sound samples to the audio section.
Added a link to my other homepage in the contributors section.

November 23, 1997 Update
Added an interview with Keiji Haino, Yasushi Ozawa, and Ikuro Takahashi, 4/17/97, Victoriaville, Quebec, Hotel Colibri by Ben Ratliff and Jon Abbey.

November 10, 1997 Update
PSF is due to re-release the (long out of print) first Fushitsusha double LP on CD on December 5th.

The line-up of Fushitsusha has changed. Kosugi the drummer has left and has been replaced by Ikuro Takahashi (ex of Kosokuya, Che Shizu, Mahel Shalal Hash Baz, etc.) He joined the band in early summer of this year and his first appearance on CD as a member of the band should be on the Victo Fushitsusha release (Live at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle Victoriaville, Canada.)

October 3, 1997 Update
The Andy Haas album, "Arnhem Land" has been released on AVANT. It features Haas on didjeridu playing duets with likes of Ikue Mori, Cyro Baptista, Fred Frith, Anthony Coleman, Makigami Koichi, and three duets with Keiji Haino singing.

The 4-cd Driftworks on Big Cat has become available (about a year after it was supposedly to be released). One of the cds features Nijiumu. For more info see the Nijiumu section of the discography.

Added to the forthcoming discs:
Fushitsusha disc on Charnel House, live, San Francisco, Nov 96.
Fushitsusha disc on Victo, live, Victoriaville, May, 97.

August 7, 1997 Update
Keiji Haino and Loren MazzaCane Connors, Volume 2 is out on Menlo Park Recordings. This release features two guitar duets, one of which has Haino playing a jaunty little riff, uncharacteristic of him and amusing and successful. These duets are a lot more interactive than those on Volume 1, released on persona non grata in 1995. Although very different in style than the much more anticipated Haino/Bailey duets released earlier this summer, this disc is in no way inferior to it. (Admittedly, the title of the Haino/Bailey cd, "Drawing Close, Attuning --The Respective Signs of Order and Chaos" is a little more exciting than "Volume 2".) In short, it sounds pretty good.

July 23, 1997 Update.
The third Vajra cd, "Sichisiki" (The Seventh Consciousness) has been released and is available on PSF records. It features Mikami Kan exclusively on voice, unlike the previous releases where he played guitar as well.

June 3, 1997 Update.
Four cds on Tokuma Japan Communications are now available.
"A Death Never to Be Complete " - Fushitsusha
"The Time is Nigh " - Fushitsusha
"Keeping on Breathing " - Keiji Haino
"Drawing Close, Attuning --The Respective Signs of Order and Chaos" - Keiji Haino and Derek Bailey
(In the U.S. I have only seen them available through Forced Exposure.)

Added lyrics, photos, info from these 4 cds to the web site.
Added live dates for June and July, 1997.

May 8, 1997 Update.
text "So, Black Is Myself" has been released on Alien8 Recordings.
This recording features Haino solo with electronic drone, percussion, rudra vina, and voice. IMO: It is a minimalist composition, muted in tone, and is unlike any previous Haino release.
Added "So, Black is Myself" cover and info to "Solo Studio Recordings" section of Discography. Added Alien8 Concert Flyer (May 18, 1997, Montreal) to Flyers section.

April 11, 1997 Update.
Added more info to "So, black is myself" in "Forthcoming Releases" section of Discography.
Added a link to Takeya Sekiguchi's site "Electric Cool Acid" in "Links" section.

February 9, 1997 Update.
(1) The halana interview is out. The interview is very long and interesting. The magazine is accompanied by a cd with a 17+ minute Haino hurdy-gurdy+singing track, which is as good as any of the tracks on "21rst Century Hurdy-Gurdy Man".

(2) Added to "Forthcoming Releases" in the Discography:
Fushitsusha -- A Death Never to Be Complete
Fushitsusha -- The Time is Nigh
Keiji Haino -- Keeping on Breathing
Keiji Haino and Derek Bailey -- Duo
Vajra - 3rd album

(3) Added to "Live Information" Section live dates for Mar, Apr, May 1997.

January, 1997 Update.
(1) Added to "Visual Section": The flyers and photos from Table of the Elements and the flyers from PSF.

(2) Added to "Interview" Section: Two new interviews by Alan Cummings.