An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage -- Recent News -- 1998

An Unofficial Keiji Haino Homepage
Recent News -- 1998

November 18, 1998 Update
Website:  Added some lyrics from Watashi dake, translated by Matthew Pendleton.
New Release:  The Haino/Baron/Cohen cd on Avant has been released in Japan and the UK.  It will not be released in the U.S. until January, 1999.
New Release:  The Haino/Boris cd on Inoxia, "Black : Implication Flooding" (IXCD-0002) has been released in Japan and the United States.  I have seen it available through Forced Exposure.
October 23, 1998 Update
Forthcoming Release: Avant has plans to release the Keiji Haino, Joey Baron, and Greg Cohen cd. This recording features Haino in a more jazzesque style playing acoustic guitar. (Studio recording from July 1996.) The title of the release is "An Unclear Trial: More Than This". The expected release date is January, 1999.
New Release: Vajra's fourth full-length cd , Sravaka, has been released by PSF (PSFD-100, 1998).
Expected Release: Bill Laswell will be recording with Keiji Haino and Rashid Ali in November 1998, for a release planned on Avant or Tzadik.
September 5, 1998 Update
New Release: Fushitsusha has released "Withdrawe, this sable Disclosure ere devot'd" on Les Disques Victo - VICTO 060 - as of September, 1998. The recording is live at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle Victoriaville, Canada. Performed: May 16, 1997. This is the first recording (in terms of recording date, not release date) that features the new Fushitsusha drummer, Ikuro Takahashi, with Keiji Haino (guitar, vocals) and Yasushi Ozawa (bass). The two recent Fushitsusha releases on Tokuma (A Little Longer Thus, The Wisdom Prepared) also feature Takahashi. (I have seen it available through VERGE.)
Expected Release: INOXIA Records will release their first Haino cd pairing Haino with BORIS, "Black: Implication Flooding", IXCD-0002. This is a live recording from Japan, 1997. Expected release date is September 18, 1998. At least one U.S. distributor will be Forced Exposure.
Live Dates: Some live dates for September, October, and November 1998 are posted. These include three nights at Tonic in New York.
June 26, 1998 Update
New Release: The second wave of 4 Haino cds on Tokuma has been released. They include 2 Fushitsusha discs, 1 Haino solo disc (voice and hurdy gurdy), and 1 Aihiyo disc. (It may take a week or two for these discs to reach overseas.)
May 26, 1998 Update
New Release: The Haino and Musica Transonic collaboration has been released on PSF (PSFD-98).
New Release: Haino appears as a guest on Charles Hayward's "Double Agent(s) Live in Japan Volume Two" on Locus Solus records (LSR-002). He appears on one duo with Hayward and two trios with Hayward and Peter Brötzmann!
New Release: Etcetera Magazine Volume Three is released as two video tapes. The first tape, Part One, is a compilation which features Keiji Haino on hurdy gurdy and voice. See video section of discography for details.
April 30, 1998 Update
New Band: Haino has a new band, called Aihiyo. Aihiyo features Haino (guitar, voice), Ikuro Takahashi on drums (current Fushitsusha drummer, also has played with High Rise, Kosokuya, Che Shizu, Maher Shalal Hash Baz etc etc), and Masami Kawaguchi on bass (from the Fushitsusha-influenced garage band Broomdusters - they have a self-released CD out). Aihiyo played their first gig on Friday night (May 8, 98). All covers of old Japanese popular songs, but with one Animals cover in there too.
Live Performances: I now have two reliable sources for regular updates of forthcoming live performances by Haino. That section of the site will be updated regularly. The performances in May and June include Haino's new band, "Aihiyo", as well as performances with Tony Conrad, Min Tanaka (butoh dancer), and Tatsuya Yoshida (of RUINS), to name a few. See the live section for additional details.
New Release: Fushitsusha has released "Gold Blood" on Charnel Music, April 21, 98. See Discography for details.
Forthcoming Release: Tokuma is releasing a second set of 4 Haino-related cds due late summer of 1998. This set will include Fushitsusha, Aihiyo, and Haino solo discs. The release date for all four cds is June 28, 1998.
Forthcoming release: Fourth Vajra album expected sometime in 1998.
February 12, 1998 Update
Reissue: Haino appears on "Marianne" with Pain Killer and Makigami Koichi on one "bonus" track on the February 1998 4-cd boxed set reissue of Pain Killer recordings on Tzadik. This track was originally released on Makigami Koichi's "Koroshi no Blues" on Toshiba in 1993. It features Haino on guitar. (Note: the Pain Killer album that has Haino playing for about half an hour, "Rituals: Live in Japan" is not included in this box set.
Forthcoming Release: Musica Transonic and Keiji Haino have a joint studio album to be released in April, 1998 on PSF.
Web-site: Added a list of Haino sound samples available on the web (in sound section).

January 17, 1998 Update
New Release: compilation: "How to be big - Play for E.Yazawa" on Sony, released December 12, 1997 on cd. It's a tribute compilation to Japanese rock singer Eikichi Yazawa. One track features Vajra (Mikami, Haino, and Ishitsuka) performing the song "I love you, OK" (a cover of a song by Yazawa , track length = 4 minutes 53 seconds.)
Reissue: The original Fushitsusha double-lp (PSF 3/4) has been released as a 2xcd set on PSF. It's available now. I've seen it through Forced Exposure.
Web-site: Added a collection of flyers, photography, & sound from Haino's performances in New Zealand, November, 1997 (in live section).
Web-site: Added a link to John Duncan's website in the links section.
Web-site: Added a link to Paul Collett's "Noise" website in the links section.