A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  Come Back, Dr. Caligari
Edition:  First
Year of publication:  1964
Publisher:  Little, Brown and Company
City:  Boston, Toronto
Number of Pages:  183
Cover:  hard cover
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  64-12099

Table of contents
  1. Florence Green is 81
  2. The Piano Player
  3. Hiding Man
  4. Will You Tell Me?
  5. For I'm The Boy Whose Only Joy Is Loving You
  6. The Big Broadcast of 1938
  7. The Viennese Opera Ball
  8. Me and Miss Mandible
  9. Marie, Marie, Hold On Tight
  10. Up, Aloft In The Air
  11. Margins
  12. The Joker's Greatest Triumph
  13. To London and Rome
  14. A Shower of Gold


Dinner with Florence Green. The old babe is on a kick tonight: I want to go to some other country, she announces. Everyone wonders what this can mean. But Florence says nothing more: no explanation, no elaboration, after a satisfied look around the table bang! she is asleep again. The girl at Florence's right is new here and does not understand.

photo credit:  uncredited