A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  City Life
Year of publication:  1970
Publisher:  Farrar, Straus and Giroux
City:  New York
Number of Pages:  168
Cover:  hard cover
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  74-113775
Comments:  This copy is signed by Donald Barthelme

Table of contents
  1. Views Of My Father Weeping
  2. Paraguay
  3. The Falling Dog
  4. At The Tolstoy Museum
  5. The Policemen's Ball
  6. The Glass Mountain
  7. The Explanation
  8. Kierkegaard Unfair To Schlegel
  9. The Phantom Of The Opera's Friend
  10. Sentence
  11. Bone Bubbles
  12. On Angels
  13. Brain Damage
  14. City Life


An aristocrat was riding down the street in his carriage. He ran over my father.

After the ceremony I walked back to the city. I was trying to think of the reason my father had died. Then I remembered: he was run over by a carriage.