A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  Exquisite Creatures
Editor:  Jim Clyne
Photography:  Gilles Larrain
  Robert Mapplethorpe
  Deborah Turbeville
  Roy Volkmann
Printing:  First
Year of publication:  1985
Publisher:  William Morrow and Company City:  New York
Cover:  hardcover with dust jacket
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  84-60617
ISBN:  0-688-02496-3
Barthelme's Contribution:  Introduction p. 1-4

credit:  Gilles Larrain
Laura Alvarez-Cushing

In the contemplation of nudes, we congratulate ourselves upon the beauty of which human beings are capable. They reassure us about ourselves, about Being. We are a little lower than the angels, true, but notice that we can get along without that suspect radiance, equal parts paint and literature, on which the angels lean so heavily. The human body is, or can be, a sufficiency.