A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  Joseph Cornell Portfolio
Printing:  First
Year of publication:  1976
Editor:  Sandra Leonard Starr
Publisher:  Leo Castelli Gallery
City:  New York
Number of Pages:  unnumbered
Cover:  hardback
Barthelme's Contribution: Cornell: Prose-Poem
  • Complex catalogue of a 1976 exhibition for this important American surrealist.
  • Composed of loose sheets and stapled materials held in portfolio pockets.
  • The entirety in marbled boards with cloth spine & ribbon ties.
  • The edition was limited to 3000 copies.
  • Includes 43 loose cards of duotone reproductions of Cornell's assemblies in the exhibition.
  • Also includes commentary and remembrances by other artists and authors, some in facsimile form.
    • Barthelme, Donald; Cornell: Prose-Poem
    • Copely, Bill; Joseph Cornell
    • Curtis, Tony; A Letter
    • Hussey, Howard; L'Esprit Cornell
    • Kent, Alegra; Joseph Cornell: A Reminiscence
    • Levy, Julien; Joseph Cornell: or Twelve Needles Dancing on the Point of an Angel
    • Mekas, Jonas; Notes on the Films of Joseph Cornell
    • Motherwell, Robert; Preface to a Joseph Cornell Exhibition
    • Namuth, Hans; A photograph of Cornell taken in the garden at Utopia Parkway, 1969
    • Cornell Bibliography and Portfolio-Catalogue designed and edited by Sandra Leonard Starr.