A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  Liquid City
Subtitle:  Houston Writers on Houston
Editors:  Rita Saylors
Photography:  Paul Hestor
Printing:  First
Year of publication:  1987
Publisher:  Corona Publishing Company, for the Houston International Festival
City:  San Antonio
Number of Pages:  117
Cover:  paperback
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  86-72562
ISBN:  0-931722-54-3
Barthelme's Contribution:  Return, p. 35-42

I went on the Azalea Trail, and shot one, right through the heart. I took the dead azalea home and put it in my freezer, and all at once I was seized by a deep and fearful melancholy. Had I done something wrong? I had been long away from Texas, living in the wicked, sinful cities of the East--perhaps I no longer understood Texas ways, perhaps the roar and clatter of New York City had permanently damaged the delicate tissues of my flabellum. Had I misunderstood the Azalea Trail?

credit:  Paul Hester
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