A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  Presents
Printing:  First
Year of publication:  1980
Publisher:  Pressworks
City:  Dallas, Texas
Number of Pages:  22
Cover:  hard cover
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  -
ISBN:  -
Number of copies:  1
Condition:  very fine
Comments:  limited to 376 copies. Signed by the author. Includes four collages inserted at the appropriate pages into the book.


In the middle of a forest. Parked there is a handsome 1932 Ford, its left rear door open. Two young women are pausing, about to step into the car. Each has one foot on the running board. Both are naked. They have their arms about each others waist in a sisterly embrace. The woman on the left is dark, the one on the right fair. Their white, graceful backs are in sharp contrast to the shiny black of the Ford. The woman on the right has turned her head to hear something her companion is saying.