A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  The Emerald
Printing:  First
Year of publication:  1980
Publisher:  Sylvester & Orphanos
City:  Los Angeles, CA
Number of Pages:  40
Cover:  hardback
Comments:  No dust jacket, as issued
The first edition was limited to 330 signed and numbered copies.
This book is out of series, a presentation copy signed by the publishers, Staphis Orphanos & Ralph Sylvester.
It is also signed by the author.


Hey Buddy what's your name?

My name is Tope. What's your name?

My name is Sallywag. You after the emerald?

Yeah I'm after the emerald you after the emerald too?

I am. What are you going to do with it if you get it?

Cut it up into little emeralds. What are you going to do with it?

I was thinking of solid emerald armchairs. For the rich.

That's an idea. What's your name, you?

Wide Boy.

You after the emerald?

Sure as shootin'.

How you going to get in?


That's going to make a lot of noise isn't it?

You think it's a bad idea?

Well...What's your name, you there?


You after the emerald?

Right as rain. What's more, I got a plan.

Can we see it?

No it's my plan I can't be showing it to every--

Okay okay. What's that guy's name behind you?

My name is Sometimes.

You here about the emerald, Sometimes?

I surely am.

Have you got an approach?

Tunneling. I've took some test borings. Looks like a stone cinch.

If this is the right place.

You think it may not be the right place?

The last three places haven't been the right place.

You tryin' to bring me down?