A Donald Barthelme Collection

Title:  Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts
Printing:  Third
Year of publication:  1968
Publisher:  Bantam Books
City:  New York
Number of Pages:  165
Cover:  paperback

Table of contents
  1. The Indian Uprising
  2. The Balloon
  3. This Newspaper Here
  4. Robert Kennedy Saved From Drowning
  5. Report
  6. The Dolt
  7. The Police Band
  8. Edward And Pia
  9. A Few Moments Of Sleeping And Waking
  10. Can We Talk
  11. Game
  12. Alice
  13. A Picture History Of The War
  14. The President
  15. See The Moon?


We defended the city as best we could. The arrows of the Comanches came in clouds. The war clubs of the Comanches clattered on the soft, yellow pavements. There were earthworks along the Boulevard Mark Clark and the hedges had been laced with sparkling wire. I spoke to Sylvia. "Do you think this is a good life?" The table held apples, books, long-playing records. She looked up. "No."