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Issue 02 (2015)

  • An Hour of Keiji Haino for a Sunny Day

  • Abstract:   Keiji Haino (b. May 3, 1952) is a Japanese guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who performs a music that resides squarely in the cultural margins. Sometimes non-idiomatic, often improvisational (although he is on the record as hating the word 'improvisation') and always experimental, Haino has earned a reputation for the ferocity of his guitar in Fushitsusha, the intensity of his vocals and the haunting soundscapes of Nijiumu. In this document, we root through the more than two hundred officially released recordings that constitute Haino's discography as of January, 2015, and collect one hour of music appropriate for a carefree stroll on a sunny day of spring.

  • Download:   free anonymous download (pdf file)

  • Mr. Takeshi Goda has translated this article into Japanese. It is available on his blog, A Challenge to Fate.