An International Journal of Exploratory Meta-Living

An Open Source Journal
published through the Auspices of the Poison Pie Publishing House
Knoxville, Tennessee


Issue 07 (2016)

  • Mary Halvorson vs. Régis Faller: A Juxtaposition of Four-fold Reviews

  • Abstract:   This document provides what at best can be considered an obtuse review of eight artistic works, including four books for children by the French author and illustrator, Régis Faller, and four audio recordings by the American guitarist, composer and improviser, Mary Halvorson. To our knowledge, there is no pre-existing intersection between the works of Mr. Faller and Ms. Halvorson. Thus this highly geometrical arrangement of reviews represents an unsolicited and perhaps unwarranted foray into a non-idiomatic exercise in multimedia criticism. Based on its untested nature, there is no guarantee that the resulting reviews will be characterized as a success by any party involved, including the author, readers, nor either of the artists responsible for the works under consideration.

  • Download:   free anonymous download (pdf file)