The Poison Pie Publishing House presents:

Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria
a post-existential musical score
generated through a non-idiomatic improvisational creative process

Hebeloma Crustuliniforme
with illustrations by Julia K. Keffer
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Asynchronous Collaborations
We feel compelled to append to this score a peripherally-related, explanatory note on the various asynchronous processes present in Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria. As we perceive it, there are at least five time elements, in which the musical, literary, artistic and various interpretative actions of the Abyssal Aria take place.

  • On one day, some times many decades in the past, one or more musicians played the music, to which each daily passage in the Abyssal Aria was written.
  • The writing of a passage of the Abyssal Aria occurred on a second, different day.
  • The artwork for the Abyssal Aria was created on a third day.
  • The reading of the passages and viewing of the artwork in the Abyssal Aria occurred on fourth day, different for each visitor.
  • On a fifth day, perhaps many decades in the future, the musical performance of the Abyssal Aria takes place.
Some of the processes in this cycle have already concluded, while others remain underway and still others have not yet begun. The notion that all these actions should have transpired on the same day is, of course, absurd and contrary to the fundamental manner in which human beings experience time.

Staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House
June 1, 2022

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