Illustrations for Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria (2022)
Julia K. Keffer of Bus Stop Art Show

This page features artwork from the street artist, Ms. Julia K. Keffer of Phoenix, Arizona. These works are the black and white versions of the final illustrations for the musical score, Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria, which is being serially published on a daily basis in 2022 on the blog of the Poison Pie Publishing House. Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria recounts the adventure of Eurymedusa, one of the maidens offered to the minotaur by King Minos, immediately after she escaped from the labyrinth.


January: Eurymedusa, the sybil

February: Adranís, the squid

March: Moros, the octopus

April: Elissa & Myra, the girls

May: Eurymedusa, atop the island altar in the subterranean sea, awaiting the arrival of the Ocean Mother

June: the amphora

July: the turquoise-bellied bee-eater

August: Old Parsley, the herbalist

September: Polyxena visits Eupompe

October: the factotum of the Temple of Poseidon in Lerna, investigating the sybil's grotto

November: Sprig, the herbalist's apprentice

December: The wolf, loosed by the priests, prevents the sybil from swimming to shore in the storm.

The Ocean Mother.

Eurymedusa, free of the maze, cannot fully escape the legacy of the Minotaur.


Parting Notes:
The original color versions of the illustrations appear as monthly headings on the electronic version of Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria. The paper edition includes black and white versions of the same illustrations, due to limits in the printing budget.


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