A Scarf for Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria (2022)
Julia K. Keffer of Bus Stop Art Show

This page features a scarf bearing artwork from the street artist, Ms. Julia K. Keffer of Phoenix, Arizona. This work was an illustration for the musical score, Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria, which is being serially published on a daily basis in 2022 on the blog of the Poison Pie Publishing House. Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria recounts the adventure of Eurymedusa, one of the maidens offered to the minotaur by King Minos, immediately after she escaped from the labyrinth.


In January, Eurymedusa dwelt underground.

This page represents selections from one instance of the Bus Stop Art Show. The main page of the Bus Stop Art Show at the Poison Pie Publishing House is here.