February 16, 2020
Marbled Organs

When Hebeloma Crustuliniforme instructed the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House to visit the abandoned marble quarries around Knoxville, Tennessee to harvest stones appropriate to her cleromantic kits, which would allow the implementation of the divinatory rituals described in her text A Practicum on Divination via Cleromancy, she did not explicitly specify the size of the stones that she sought. Hebeloma required that fourteen stones fit comfortably in a woman's hand, so that they could be cast simultaneously. Some of the fragments of marble gathered by the PPPH staff were too large. Nevertheless, Hebeloma perceived an intrinsic beauty in them. She had them tumbled to smooth their edges and reveal their true shapes. She then had them individually polished by hand, until they shined in good light. She then had those stones, which had been rejected for their size, placed in used kimchee jars for what she called the final stage of curing. In this gallery, we present several photographs of these stones as they cured.







February 23 2020
Tennessee Neolithic Chic

Those stones that Hebeloma did not choose for her cleromancy kits because they were too small, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House took to the drill press and bored holes through. They then gathered a length of sterling silver chain and spherical spacers and assembled a necklace. On the same day it was completed, they gave it away. When asked what the inspiration behind taking casting stones that had been intended for a divinatory function and repurposing them to an ornamental end, they said only that they supposed the design principle behind the necklace could best be described as "Tennessee Neolithic Chic".