RPG Resources from the Poison Pie Publishing House.

In addition to publishing novels and illustrated books in paperback and electronic formats for sale, the Poison Pie Publishing House also produces a range of freely available products. This page highlights some of the role-playing game (RPG) resources related to magic items encountered by the Poison Pie Publishing House. These magic items include


  •   Deck of Complementary Couples (Fortune Telling Deck) (2014-5)
    This deck of 18 divination cards can be laid out in a variety of manners, including according to the Harrowing rules in Pathfinder. Each card has assigned to it an alignment and an ability. A set of cards may be constructed of 9 cards, representing one of each alignment.


  •  Elemental Weapons of Ongpakob (2015)
    An elemental infuser is a magical device capable of infusing an existing weapon with an elemental power. The characteristics of the various weapons that can be created from this process, developed by the elementalist Ongpakob are described in this document.


  •  Wands of the Arborists of the Great Wheel (2014)
    This idea began with a set of eight wands, each wrought from a different species of tree. It was originally intended to become an RPG module, along the lines of the Numismatists of the Great Wheel, in which the party hunted down a set of wands rather than a set of coins. There proved too much duplication in this idea. It eventually, of its own accord, transformed into the novel, The Augur in the Arbor Inn, in which the wands disappeared from the story but the trees remained.


  •   The Portable Library of Hong Samud (2015)
    This idea began as a description of a magical item, a portable library that a bibliophile could use to carry about a great many books in one's pocket. There proved too much life in this idea for it to be confined to a small document about an inanimate object. It eventually, of its own accord, transformed into the novel, The Portable Library of Hong Samud.


  •  A Practicum on Divination via Cleromancy (2018)
    The editor of the Poison Pie Publishing House wrote a short treatise on the material tools of cleromancy, intended as an introductory chapter to an instructional monograph entitled, A Practicum on Divination via Cleromancy. After the introduction was completed, the author of the text received a message from afar instructing her to renege, at least for the time being, on the agreement. Thus, it appears that the practicum will not be published. We present the introduction here alone, without the remainder of the text, to prevent our efforts from being entirely wasted. Some of this concept leaked into the novel, The Proceedings of the International Congress on Exploratory Meta-Living.


  •  On the Ideomotor Phenomenon (2018)
    Our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Hebeloma Crustuliniforme, unabashed Champion of Apophenia, challenged us to improve our communication with the spirit world. To this end, some months ago we commissioned a planchette and board from the workshop of Dark Balaur in Kiev. It arrived in midsummer of 2018. While we cannot yet report any amazing revelations from beyond this physics-based reality, we can at least show an image of the board resting in the eldest dogwood tree residing in the front yard of the Poison Pie Publishing House.


In the never ending pursuit of apophenia, the staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House explore divination by pendulum using the silver acorn and accoutrements of Stephanie Buscema.


The staff of the Poison Pie Publishing House have begun to entertain the notion to say something about their modest efforts to investigate divination via cartomancy.

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