Wands of the Arborists of the Great Wheel (2014)

Wands of the Arborists of the Great Wheel (2014)
This idea began with a set of eight wands, each wrought from a different species of tree. It was originally intended to become an RPG module, along the lines of the Numismatists of the Great Wheel, in which the party hunted down a set of wands rather than a set of coins. There proved too much duplication in this idea. It eventually, of its own accord, transformed into the novel, The Augur in the Arbor Inn, in which the wands disappeared from the story but the trees remained.

These wands are described as follows

  • Elder 15 ½" - regeneration, transformation - Essence of Thestral Hair - Sambucus canadensis
  • Willow 14" - enchantment, divination - Unicorn Tail Hair - Salix alba
  • Ebony 15" - power, protection - Essence of Phoenix Talon - Diospyros crassiflora
  • Vine Carved Teak 15" - tranquility, joy - Essence of Dragon Heart String - Tectona grandis
  • Redwood 14" - protection, serenity - Essence of Unicorn Mane Hair - Sequoiadendron giganteum
  • Rosewood 14 ¼" - love charms, healing, divination - Essence of Unicorn Mane Hair - Dalbergia nigra
  • Oak 14 ¾" - strength, illumination - Essence of Raven Feather - Quercus alba
  • Lignum Vitae 16" - medicinal - Essence of Dragon's Whiskers - Guaiacum sanctum

These wands were purchased from alivans.com circa 2009-2010.

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