A Prayer Book for the Damned

A Prayer Book for the Damned
by David J. Keffer

Description: This prayer book contains twenty-seven prayers, written in a span of three months by a most unlikely author. The prayers deviate from tradition primarily in that they are more open in acknowledging the uncertainties, reservations and short-comings of the one making the prayer. Included in this volume are "A Prayer for the Indifferent", "A Prayer for Drunkards", "A Prayer for Perpetual Malcontents" and twenty-four others. The prayer book is dedicated to Fr. Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulist fathers, in support of his cause for canonization.

It is not necessary to purchase a copy of the prayer book to read the prayers. Original versions of all of the prayers that appear in "A Prayer Book for the Damned" and several additional prayers are freely available for viewing from the Poison Pie Publishing House. (Some of the prayers have undergone minor tweaking between the online and paperback publication.) The paperback version is provided for bibliophiles. The Table of Contents of "A Prayer Book for the Damned" is provided below with links to each prayer. Links to poems not included in the paperback volume are appended at the end of the list.

Update: At the request of the author, relevant subsequent prayers have also been added to this list.


length: 7,000 words (70 pages in paperback)
paperback size: 5 in x 8 in
paperback publication date: July 9, 2015
paperback ISBN-13: 978-1503052253
paperback ISBN: 1503052257
Library of Congress Control Number: 2014955855
ebook publication date: N.A.
ebook ISBN-13: N.A.
poison pie publishing house catalog number: PP-026-P

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