Biographical Sketch of Ruth Marie Keffer at the Poison Pie Publishing House.

Ruth Keffer, April, 2015. Photo by David Keffer.

Ruth Marie Keffer was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. She studied for a year in Seoul, Korea from 2010-2011. She is currently a student in Knoxville. She has contributed illustrations to several books from the Poison Pie Publishing House. In particular, she was the artistic director for The Faerienomicon. The realization of Jacob's Dream as a book stemmed entirely from her initial artwork. Published in 2017, versions of her renderings of the bird faeries of East Tennessee as felt puppets, which were first featured in the experimental laboratory, have been included in the bird-themed spellbook, An Ornithological Grimoire of East Tennessee.



Works by Ruth Marie Keffer from the Poison Pie Publishing House