Coming Soon and Recently Released

The following books are coming soon from or have been recently released by the Poison Pie Publishing House:


January 1 - December 31, 2023


January 1 - December 31, 2022

  • Hebeloma's Abyssal Aria (2022)
    a post-existential musical score generated through a non-idiomatic creative process
    full text online; free, anonymous access; serially published on a daily basis in 2022


January 1 - December 31, 2021

  • Hebeloma's Swamp Fantasy Overture (2021)
    a post-existential musical score generated through a non-idiomatic creative process;
    illustrated by Bus Stop Art Show;
    full text online; free, anonymous access; serially published on a daily basis in 2021


January 1 - December 31, 2020


January 1 - December 31, 2019


January 1 - December 31, 2018


September, 2017

  • An Ornithological Grimoire of East Tennessee
    H. Crustuliniforme presents a book of spells derived from birds dwelling in East Tennessee, illustrated in felt, featuring bird-themed finger puppets designed by Ms. Ruth Marie Keffer


January 1 - December 31, 2017

  • 2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician An experiment in the literature of non-idiomatic improvisation, a novel titled, 2017: The Year of the Every-Day Magician, was serially published one day at a time during 2017. Once completed, it consists of 365 short passages, one composed for each day of the year. The writing appeared on the same day as it was generated. The novel is subtitled A Second-Hand Account of the Rise and Fall of the Renegades of the American Muslim Registry. It follows two neighborhood boys, Oscar and Omar. Oscar is a member of a white working class family, whose fortunes are in decline. Omar is the son of first-generation immigrants, professionals from Iran. These two boys navigate a friendship in the social landscape reflecting in real-time the political events of 2017 and the social tensions created by the current president and his policies.
    full text online; free, anonymous access; serially published on a daily basis in 2017


August, 2016

  • Wouldn't the Wood Weird (2016)
    a post-existential romantic fantasy or Impractical Prayers from the Spindle of the Void. "Making the world a better place without personal sacrifice is like making breakfast without maple syrup. It can be done, but it's not very sweet."
    full text online; free, anonymous access


September, 2015

  • A Bestiary of East Tennessee (2015)
    M. Anxo presents a bestiary of the creatures, mundane and exotic, dwelling in East Tennessee, illustrated in felt by the Keffer family


September, 2015


September, 2015


September, 2015

  • novelwise (1995)
    a treatise on wisdom by process of elimination; an archival release from the vault


April, 2015

  • Jacob's Dream (2015)
    An eclectic collection of illustrations, imaginative descriptions and prayers associated with the angels observed ascending and descending the ladder in Jacob's vision from Genesis 28:12


July, 2015

  • A Prayer Book for the Damned (2015)
    "A Prayer Book for the Damned" contains twenty-seven prayers, written in a span of three months by a most unlikely author. The prayers deviate from tradition primarily in that they are more open in acknowledging the uncertainties, reservations and short-comings of the one making the prayer. Included in this volume are "A Prayer for the Indifferent", "A Prayer for Drunkards", "A Prayer for Perpetual Malcontents" and twenty-four others. The prayer book is dedicated to Fr. Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulist fathers, in support of his cause for canonization.


January, 2015

  • A Bride for Chubbernut
    A Bride for Chubbernut is a fantasy role-playing module, created by David J. Keffer and the rest of the Keffer family with the assistance of Henry E. Gorton, published by the Poison Pie Publishing House. The module presents sixteen light-hearted delves for role-players young and old. The party travels as guard to Chubbernut, a bullywug crown prince, who refuses to marry for political alliance, insisting that he will only wed his true love, as he seeks to discover the meaning of love by completing tasks assigned to him by the legendary matchmaker and oracle, Joëlle. This module includes various absurdities including one delve in which the heroic party must sing an opera based on a Mad Lib of John Berryman's poem, Dream Song 14 in order to obtain a magical popsicle created by a pair of yetis who froze the Elixir of Immortality and who happen to be opera aficionados.


November, 2014

  • The Implacable Absence
    "The Implacable Absence" is a novel created in the style of a non-idiomatic improvisational duet by Henry E. Gorton and David J. Keffer. Two heroes, Poison Pie and Gorgonio, travel through time and space toward a climactic meeting in which, presumably, no lesser event than the utter dissolution of the concept of time comes to pass. While a manuscript of the novel was completed in August, 2014, there is currently no published version available from the Poison Pie Publishing House or anywhere else.

Late, 2015

  • The Leg & Other Stories (1991-2013)
    Thirteen selected short stories written from 1991 to 2013, in which one finds a type of carnage generally avoided in polite company; one also observes themes constant to the writer over this twenty-three year span as well as the evolution of both writing technique and philosophical outlook; not recommended for the faint of heart

March, 2014

  • The Faerienomicon
    The Faerienomicon, "An Account of Faerie: Its Substance and Curiosities, Its Architectures and Landscapes, Its Hitherto Unsubstantiated Histories, And the Habits of Living Of the Diverse Creatures Dwelling Therein", is a new illustrated book featuring photographs from the wild places of East Tennessee and finger puppets intended for kids and adventurous adults. A paperback version will be released by the Poison Pie Publishing House in 2014.

autumn, 2014

  • The Mushroomnomicon by the Keffer family will be released in paperback form no earlier than July, 2013.


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