Morning Commute
& Other Poems
by Hippolyta Apesbury


Description: This book contains twenty-four selected poems by Hippolyta Apesbury. The initial printing is a limited edition of fifty copies issued in celebration of Hippolyta's fiftieth birthday, October 25, 2021. The cover was created by Bus Stop Art Show. This book does not contain an afterword by Hebeloma Crustuliniforme. A few of the poems contained in Morning Commute were previously published in one version or another under a pseudonym in Gas Giant.

Table of Contents

  • I
    • Beep Beep
    • Not in the whorl
    • Bookmark
    • Manatee
    • Morning Commute
    • This is how the world will end
  • II
    • Finch and reflection
    • The crow alone
    • America
    • Gerhardt
    • Appendix G: Ghosts and Apparitions
    • Undoing
  • III
    • Note the noonday moon
    • Before scissors and knives
    • As a mail truck scuds
    • Light passes
    • Did I ever send you this?
    • Cassie
  • IV
    • Shed the synthetic suit
    • Observatory
    • The sinew and fiber originating at my spine
    • Many things leave a house broken.
    • The sun casts rays in all directions
    • Elizabeth


length: 42 pages
paperback size: 4.25 in x 6.875 in
paperback publication date: October 25, 2021
paperback ISBN-13: N.A.
ebook publication date: N.A.
poison pie publishing house catalog number: PP-048-P