Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Ambiguity

A Prayer for Ambiguity

Lord, I ask for Your constant protection
from the threatening temptations of certainty
for I have no desire to know beyond doubt
the natural origin of the physical universe,

the neurological workings of the human brain,
the biochemical mechanisms for pity or greed,
the statistical variability of the stock market,
nor the logical answer to "Why are we here?"

On the contrary, Lord, cloak me in ambiguity.
Let me see multiplicity in all things.
Let the literal merge indistinguishably
with the metaphorical. Let this life

of biological organisms be no more bound
by the unyielding constraints of science
than by the limits of our imagination,
which are, all too often, more restrictive.

Lord, fill me with a glorious uncertainty.
Let my experience with the indeterminacy
of this existence guide my actions henceforth.
Lord, grant me the courage to announce

to the throng of air molecules crowding me
that I have received a revelation, potentially
divine, which prompts me now to declare,
"Not knowing is the triumph of evolution."

A Prayer for Ambiguity
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 8, 2014