Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Annihilation

A Prayer for Annihilation

Lord, I place at Your feet a sincere prayer
for the utter annihilation of the human species,
for having been raised among them, I find
their extinction to be an acceptable loss

in the overall accounting of the well-being
of this planet. You need not be lonely
once we are gone, for this Earth is full
of the glories of Your natural wonders,

many of which will once again thrive
in the absence of humanity's interference.
The harvesting of the rain forests shall cease.
The slaughter of the fish of the sea

and the beasts of the land shall not be missed.
Our poisoning of the skies and the waters
will recede, it is said, in ten thousand years,
the blink of an eye in Your eternity.

From Your celestial vantage point,
You can watch this blue marble return
to a pristine state. You can observe
the cruel and mindless progress of evolution

produce another thinking species whose pinnacle
of achievements lies in their propensity
not to think at all, or, worse yet,
to act against their own best interests.

So, Lord, I, for one, look forward to the coming
annihilation. My parting advice to You is,
when the dirty work of cleaning house is done,
not to waste too much time on nostalgia.

A Prayer for Annihilation
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 10, 2014