Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Dementia

A Prayer for Dementia

Lord, have mercy on me, for I see very little
that I wish to commit to memory and even less does.
Lord, forgive me the convolutions of this argument,
for I am unable to assimilate the panoply of data

assaulting my senses and compose a meaningful plea,
though You, who are all-knowing, have already divined
the root of the dilemma, observed before my birth the knots,
from which I would prove unable to extricate myself.

Lord, replace my children with strangers, for I am unworthy
of their affection. Let them come to me unrecognized.
Let me find in their unfamiliarity an unsettling fear.
Let this fear drive me to retreat and disappear within myself.

Lord, bless all those who look upon the vastness
of Your creation and see only the potential for tragedy,
disaster, horror. Lord, I implore You not to wait until their bodies die;
Act now! Wipe their minds clean so that they may know

a moment's peace in this life. Lord, grant patience to those,
who, having tended the demented, perceive the fallacy of this prayer.
Grant them the strength to shepherd all these damaged sheep
as they wander oblivious in a pasture, while, in the kitchen,

overflows the sink.

A Prayer for Dementia
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 1, 2014