Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Everyone Else

A Prayer for Everyone Else

Lord, I come to you in prayer
although I have no pressing need,
just the premonition that this day
might turn out better if it begins

with an introspective moment,
in which I open myself to You,
in this closed office while the lights
are still off and hallways empty.

O Lord, imagine a prayer in me
that illuminates the day, not
so much for me, for I have already
seen the end of this day and all

other days, but for everyone else.
I pray for children who live
in the moment, oblivious or not
to the consequences of their actions.

I pray for adults, the down-trodden
no more than the businessman
who confidently strides past them,
on his way to close a deal, all but

guaranteeing a lucrative promotion.
Both need Your aid, though one
more desperately than the other.
I pray for Your faithful no more

than I pray for atheists, who mock
You as the invisible sky-lord
dwelling in the clouds. Forgive me,
if I think You smile each time

You are invoked as the Invisible
Sky-Lord Dwelling in the Clouds.
It sounds good to me; I look forward
to joining You among Cumulus,

Nimbus and Stratocirrus. See?
You have put a smile on my face,
which is exactly what I thought
would happen when I opened my day

with You, though I did not know
the precise measure of Your steps.

A Prayer for Everyone Else
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
November 24, 2014