Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Miracles

A Prayer for Miracles

"You miracle yearning for a miracle
If you confess you were nothing
from the beginning all will go well, won't it?"

Keiji Haino
translated from the Japanese by Alan Cummings
from "Though it Went So Well"
on A Death Never to be Complete, Tokuma Japan Communications, 1997.

Lord, today I pray for nothing short of a miracle.
I don't remember asking for a miracle before,
although I might have, when I was young,
requested the miracle of more toys at Christmas

than the family budget could allow. Rest assured,
this plea is no less ridiculous. Given the chance
to wander through the aisles of the great storehouse
of Your miracles, allowed to choose only one,

I would deliberate at great length for so many
pressing needs are at hand. I do not ask for some
nebulous good like Peace On Earth, for I know
that miracles are born inside individuals, seeds

that bide their time, germinating only when exposed
to the proper conditions, fair or foul. O Lord,
the longer I contemplate it, the more preposterous
this whole idea becomes. I tempt myself

with the idea of a miraculous redemption
of my faith, accomplished through this book of poems,
no less, but I quickly dismiss the idea as too narrow;
I can predict as clearly as if the seed was sprouting

within me at this very moment that the miracle
would wilt. I then think of an outwardly directed
miracle. I try to identify an individual in need,
but my mind is suddenly blank and I find

that I prefer the world exactly as it is and,
because there is a spite in me that I neither
planted nor nurtured, I walk back to the entrance
and leave Your storehouse empty handed.

A Prayer for Miracles
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 28, 2014