Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Myopia

A Prayer for Myopia

Lord, let me perceive clearly those who are close to me,
who register with me through my physical senses.
Let me recognize in the stomping foot of this truculent child,
an indirect request for the reasonable comfort

of sympathy in the face of unmet expectations.
Indeed, this stance I understand all too well,
having never outgrown the juvenile need
for the world to be presented in some semblance of sense.

Lord, let me not see the forest for the trees.
Rather, let me admire the tree directly before me;
let me run my fingers over its rough bark,
inhale the aura of its decaying autumn leaves.

Lord, let me impassively endure the abuse
of my superiors who cast my "detail-oriented approach"
as a personal failure to "see the big picture".
Lord, purge from me all visions of the big picture,

for in that vision I see only a void, lacking color,
absent of sound, bereft of joy. I see in the grand
scheme an oblivion of death, or worse yet,
a finite life in an utter dearth of meaning.

Lord, let me find an infinity of distraction
in the near field of my vision. Let my children's
shouting fill my ears and drown out the overwhelming
silence lurking just beyond the limits of my sight.

A Prayer for Myopia
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
September 26, 2014