Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for My Wife I

A Prayer for My Wife I

Lord, God, Creator of Adam and Eve,
Ultimate Progenitor, I kneel before You
this morning to give thanks for my wife,
who has tolerated my idiosyncrasies

all these long years of our marriage,
and who kept our family together,
when father and daughter, each
in their separate derangements,

found no common ground upon which
they could understand each other,
until they discovered roles through
which their relationship could grow.

I thank you again for the woman
who has brokered an impossible
peace between father and son,
both of whom are precisely driven

by the same obstinate impulse
to impose a semblance of order
on a world that absolutely refuses
to accommodate what, at best,

we might consider modestly
well-intentioned expectations
and less kindly as extended, juvenile
bouts of poor impulse control.

O Lord, praise to you for my wife,
unconquerable and indefatigable!
Never let her submit to her husband.
Never heed her prayers, whispered

in darkness, when I have driven
her to retreat in tears behind
the closed door of our bedroom,
for I fear she asks for relief,

if not release. Instead, fill her
with the strength of Your Spirit
as it over-flows from Your cup.
Let Your Spirit expand inside her,

increase her dimensions, transform
her into a house, perhaps a temple,
in which we can all shelter, protected
from the ravages of Earthly storms.

Make my wife a giant, O Lord!
Never allow her to leave us! Remember
these prayers for her and make sure,
when the time comes, to take me first.

A Prayer for My Wife I
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
November 12, 2014