Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for My Wife II

A Prayer for My Wife II

Lord, my wife is a thunder,
deafening and confounding.
Something happened last night.
I can't remember the details;

it seems when I fled down
stairs and closed the door,
a darkness cloaked my mind,
but it was likely only

some combination of poor
choice of words, an inability
to hold my tongue, and a fair
measure of exhaustion

which spontaneously ignited,
sparking a thunderstorm.
Lord, the house charged
with the electric ejection

of resentment and ire.
I was carried away
in the roiling waters
of a domestic deluge,

which, in truth, I could
have easily predicted
and quietly avoided.
Forgive me, O Lord,

though it is not to You,
whom my entreaty
should be directed. Forgive
me because you made

this world a place of kindling
and you placed in my mouth
a tongue of flint and teeth of steel,
and gave me a taste for fire.

A Prayer for My Wife II
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
November 21, 2014