Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for P.R.

A Prayer for P.R.

Lord, I found You. Lord, I found You
although Your form was not as I
anticipated it would be.
I thought a beard would grace Your jaw,

but saw only a few whiskers there.
I thought Your vision perfect, but
those heavy glasses suited You.
I imagined You in better shape

but discovered that You renounced
our human taste for ideal forms.
Not everything was a surprise.
Expecting nothing less, I found

a welcome unconditional,
acceptance without thought of gain,
more pure than I dreamt possible.
And as if that was not enough,

I also found a crooked smile,
contagious and inscrutable,
possessing the ability
to shrink a host of mundane woes,

which, once set casually aside,
miraculously slowed the world
until each passing moment made
a natural and profound sense.

Finally, I had always found
it difficult to talk to You,
so I was pleasantly surprised
to find the meaning of Your words

so unambiguous and I
repeat them now for all to hear:
"August third, nineteen eighty-six;
What's new with you? Where is Joseph?

What movie did you watch last night?
We're having hamburgers for lunch.
I'm going to get one more dough-
nut; should I get one for you too?"

A Prayer for P.R.
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
December 9, 2014