Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for Senescence

A Prayer for Senescence

Lord, I come to You to ask for Your blessing
upon those who are engaged in the inexorable
process of deterioration. It is not for guidance
that I make this request, for the collapse

of the body and mind with age comes naturally.
Nor do I beseech You to grant the humility
required to accept that one's capabilities
are steadily and irreversibly diminishing,

for the awareness of our own expanding frailty
is unavoidable and engenders in all
but the most pig-headed of us, a resignation
to the inevitable manifestations of time.

No more do I ask for the miraculous,
for an unnatural reversal or even slowing
of the process, for I know that such a request
is not only foolish but unwelcome by those

on whose behalf I direct this prayer to You.
Finally, Lord, I do not pray to You to grant
strength to those in whom the care of the elderly
is placed, for the source from which they draw

their strength remains entirely a mystery to me.
I dare not tamper with it. Yet still, Lord, I pray.
I pray because on Sunday mornings, Your church
is disproportionately filled with an aging population,

raised in a different era, according to customs
in which You played a more significant role,
who have trusted all their long lives in You. For them,
I ply their own tools because soon they will be lost.

A Prayer for Senescence
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 9, 2014