Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for the Destroyer

A Prayer for the Destroyer

Lord, have mercy on those whose lot it is to destroy,
for there is no redemption in destruction
and the seed of punishment, planted in the act,
shall strangle like a weed all other life for many seasons to come.

Lord, have mercy on those who are destroyed
by rapacious appetites consuming beyond all desire,
for their blood, spilt upon infertile fields,
shall nourish only the caustic harvest of revenge.

Lord, have mercy on the instrument wielded
in the commission of this destruction,
for, even if it were wrought from the Earth for no other purpose,
it shall yet lie rusting in a shed, oxidized by the blood of the slain.

Lord, have mercy on those who record the history
of this destructive place, and on those who, eons later,
read the histories, and no less on their children to whom
are told as morbid fairy tales these follies of their fathers.

Lord, have mercy on everyone involved in this wretched affair,
save the One who allowed it all to come to pass. On that One,
wherever He now hides, issue a judgment of unending condemnation,
for, if the debt is to be paid in blood, it should be His.

A Prayer for the Destroyer
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
September 22, 2014