Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for the Indifferent

A Prayer for the Indifferent

Lord of the Skies and of the Seas,
Lord of the Earth and of the Stars,
free us from the curse that lies heavy
as a blanketing fog upon this land.

Hold Your sun at noon for as long
as it takes to evaporate the mist,
for the haze shields us from each other,
provides a veil that hides our struggles,

and renders them only abstract notions,
much less able to disturb our comfort.
To be sure we are aware of numbers;
seven thousand children die of hunger

every day, but if we cannot run a finger
over the ridges of their bare ribs,
then we find it much easier to maintain
our peace of mind. Lift the fog, O Lord.

Reveal all of Your creation in the fullness
of its unrepentant misery. Destroy
our indifference through an onslaught
of inescapable misfortune and woe.

Let all the indifferent be so stricken
with heartbreak that the walls behind
which they hide from the tragedy of others
are laid low to ruins beyond repair.

Lord, You find me once again, praying
for calamity, though I know it is not
what You intended. O Lord, where did You
go wrong in the making of one such as me?

A Prayer for the Indifferent
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 21, 2014