Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for the Self-Absorbed

A Prayer for the Self-Absorbed

Lord, I come to you today, chastened
with an admonition that I have fallen prey
to the unflattering vice of self-absorption,
in which I rank the personal afflictions

of minutiae above the genuine suffering
of others. Lord, repress my instinctive
reaction to defend myself, to describe
as introspection what others see

more clearly as the folly of the insular.
O Lord, let me accept this label without
rebuttal or recrimination, for long have I
championed the motto, "Never admit

to a virtue, when a vice will suffice."
Lord, find these prayers of self-absorption
and do with them what Thou will!
Grant them! Deny them! Blast them

into outer space where the golden messages
of Voyager drift among the stars. It's unlikely
that I will be able to tell the difference.
Afterward, find the worthy prayers of those

more attuned to the needs of their neighbors,
prayers to, I suppose, open the hearts of the rich
that they might provide funds with which
the children of the poor can be fed, and such.

Spend Your energies granting those prayers,
I whole-heartedly entreat You. But I think You
will not. I think You prefer listening to the hopeless
prayers of the solitary, and why I cannot say.

A Prayer for the Self-Absorbed
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
November 17, 2014