Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for the Stubborn

A Prayer for the Stubborn

Lord, I thank You for an iron will.
You understand this single-mindedness
for what it is, though others see in it
only a self-serving stubbornness,

or an ornery nature at work,
or, at worst, a wrong-headed
determination to grind through
each process to its bitter end,

without regard to the fact that the result
may damage all parties involved,
including myself. Only You, O Lord,
see the value in the refusal

to yield, for in admitting defeat,
in surrendering to injustice,
no matter how insignificant,
in simply giving up to exhaustion,

one is left with exactly nothing,
for these battles constitute life,
and to abandon them is to stop
living. All my life I have resisted

the temptation to simply stop living,
and, if the unintended consequence,
of this resolve is the forfeiture
of the wisdom to know when it

would serve some greater purpose
to concede defeat, then so be it. That choice,
long since settled, cannot be unmade.
I pray only that You detect in this a sliver of merit.

And, if You cannot, then to Hell with me.

A Prayer for the Stubborn
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 20, 2014