Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for The Unequal Distribution of Talents

A Prayer for The Unequal Distribution of Talents

Lord, in Your patient wisdom you have seen fit
to bestow favor among men according to a logic
not of this Earth. To the son, You give both
his mother's fair looks and the determination

of his father, while the daughter receives
a stumbling tongue, poor balance and a penchant
for self-doubt. O Lord, pray for me, for I
cannot perceive the reason in the methods

of Your madness. Pray also for the daughter,
cloistered in the retreat of her room, as she
surrounds herself with imaginary friends,
who, each, find her perfectly suitable in form

and function. Pray too for the son that he may
see in the mirror of his sister, his own fortune
beyond merit and a call to humility. O Lord,
pray for the father, whose pride in his son

is too great and that in his daughter too little.
Pray for the mother as well, for it is by her care
that the family is held together. O Lord, soften
the hearts of those who see in this unequal

distribution of talents a paucity of compassion,
for long ago You set the stage, but distributed
not the script. You cast the myriad of parts and
neglected to make known the heroic role of the fool.

A Prayer for The Unequal Distribution of Talents
David J. Keffer
Knoxville, TN
January 20, 2016