Poison Pie Publishing House: A Prayer for the Weak

A Prayer for the Weak

Lord, it is said You can be found in the presence
of the weak and I believe those words for there
have I seen in nuance and inference
the delicate evidence of Your handiwork.

In a shirtless child, covered in rashes and scabs,
whose parents are thralls to demons of addiction,
I sense Your stubborn, lingering presence.
To my shame, I shun that dirty, stoic child.

I hear Your silence in his silence, for children
such as him do not sing, nor do they speak.
They have been taught in most cruel terms
the value of vanishing in the background.

Perhaps, O Lord, you should reconsider
the company You keep. What purpose
do Your weak serve if not to elevate
those whose strength defines their weakness?

Perhaps, Almighty Lord, You would
be better suited to take a place among the strong,
for they reflect the omnipotence
for which You are so highly regarded.

Lord, leave the weak alone. You smother their song.
For, unbeknownst to You, they do sing.
An unholy psalm of truth escapes their lips, but only
when they are sure that absolutely no one is listening.

A Prayer for the Weak
David Keffer
Knoxville, TN
October 7, 2014