Poison Pie Publishing House: On Mysteries Mortal and Divine

On Mysteries Mortal and Divine

Lord, we make much of divine mysteries,
the Immaculate Conception, the Trinity,
the very existence of God, Your undiminished
capacity to allow the perpetuation of suffering.

These mysteries, by their nature, are inexplicable.
"The human mind cannot rationalize the infinite,"
say academic-minded theologians. "It's strictly
a matter of Faith," say more down-to-Earth priests.

However, it is not divine mysteries that preoccupy me.
Rather, I am perplexed by the mysteries of man,
how a soul who opens itself to the experiential
revelations of its being and who accepts the terms

of an uncompromising necessity for a frankly
insane and ignorant brutality by which the Earth
and those who dwell upon it subsist if not progress,
can persist in the charade that it is, in fact, a soul.

On Mysteries Mortal and Divine
David J. Keffer
Knoxville, TN
June 29, 2015