Keiji Haino

scanning, manipulation and design by: David Keffer (May, 2006)
lyrics written by Keiji Haino
English translation by Alan Cummings
taken from the song That which is becoming to me
performed by Fushitsusha
on the album A Death Never To Be Complete
released by Tokuma Japan Communications
under catalog number TKCF 77014
on April 21, 1997
compact disc - 6 tracks - 68 minutes 40 seconds
studio album - recorded Nov, 1996, London
Keiji Haino (guitar, voice)
Yasushi Ozawa (bass)
Jun Kosugi (drums)

graphics taken from the following sources:
  • sleeve of Keiji Haino - Hikari yami uchitokeaishi kono hibiki (PSF Records, PSFD-8017, release date: December 24, 2003, compact disc, 3 tracks, 70:33 minutes) Keiji Haino (guitar), photography credits not provided in English

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