Creation of the Gods: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary
History of the Novel


The Title:  

    Chinese Title variations
  • Feng Shén Yanyi
  • Feng Shén Bang
  • Feng Shén Zhuàn
    English Title variations
  • Canonization of the Gods
  • Creation of the Gods
  • Investiture of the Gods

The Setting:  Creation of the Gods details the demise of the last emperor of the Shang Dynasty (1700 to 1100 B.C.) and the rise of the Zhou dynasty (1066 to 256 B.C.) from a mythological point of view. See the synopsis on this site for a brief description of the novel, or see the outline on this site for a lengthy Chapter-by-Chapter description of the novel.

The Authors:  Unknown Author(s) during the Ming Dynasty (c. 1368-1644 A.D.)
According to Prof. David K. Jordan1, the authors are either Lù Xixing or Xu Zhònglín.




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