Creation of the Gods: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary
Selected Quotes


  • What ability does Ji Chang have? What's Jiang Shang to worry about? They're frogs at the bottom of the well, very limited in their outlook, or glowworms, capable of only an insignificant glimmer of light. Though Jiang Shang's prime minister, he'll soon be a winter cicada on a withered willow tree. You needn't worry about it. All the nobles in the country would laugh at you should you send your troops. They can do you no harm.
    - South Grand Duke Chong Houhu (Vol. I, p. 277)
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  • Even if I suffer at the hands of so many enemies, how can I forget the virtue of mercy?
    - Jiang Ziya (Vol. I, p. 400)
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  • It must be remembered that gods were chosen from inferior immortals who could not achieve the way.
    - (Vol. I, p. 406)
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  • "Brother Zhao! Were you in the Green Touring Palace when the List of Creations was discussed and approved?" Burning Lamp asked.

    "Yes, I know all about it."

    Then you must also remember your master telling you that the names of the fated are a secret, only to be known after they die? Why do you come here and make a fool of yourself by opposing the will of heaven? You are only bringing calamity on yourself. None of us knows what fortune lies ahead. Though I've been an immortal since the beginning of time, it's still difficult for me to escape all wordly fetters. You're privileged. Why do you court disaster?"
    - (Vol. I, p. 511)

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  • "I'm a hermit from Mount West Kunlun. My name is Lu Ya. I've come here because of Zhao Gongming. He borrowed the golden dragon scissors and means harm. He knows only that he's powerful and is ignorant that there's magic more powerful than his. I'll render his scissors useless, and he'll have to die."
    -Lu Ya (Vol. I, p. 520)

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  • "To achieve enlightenment is the only proper path to follow to the Way. Immortals are those who follow the proper way. I achieved enlightenment in the epoch of the Heavenly Emperor at the beginning of time, and I've witnessed the enlightenment of many with my own eyes. Only those who act with virtue progress spiritually. Who could have imagined that Zhao Gongming would commit such an error! He sided with a tyrant who disregards the ethical relationships and slaughters the innocent, evoking the wrath of Heaven and the resentment of the people. He used his magic without regard for anybody else. Whoever acts against the will of Heaven is bound to die, and I was sent by Heaven to put him to death. How can I be blamed for it? My friends! Can't you see that this is not the place for you? There are only mountains of weapons and oceans of fire here. How can you survive? If you stay here, I'm afraid you'll lose your chances of everlasting life. I've only taken the liberty to speak frankly. I beg your pardon if I've offended you."
    -Lu Ya (Vol. I, p. 538)

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  • "You're no brave, great warrior. You've only taken me captive with your dirty witchcraft. I'm ready for death. Though I can't eat your flesh when I am alive, but I shall be a wicked devil and kill you after I die."
    -Deng Jiugong's last words (Vol. II, p. 225)

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